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Yellow There!!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

You might have noticed a few changes on my website and in salon recently. I've introduced a couple of new companies and their products. I'll get on to them in a bit but first the why. From an eco point of view I want to use less water, and OCS washing before a colour was using a lot more water and towels then more washing so more water. Switching colour brands cuts out this extra wash as the goodies are built in to the colour. Plus with everything going up in price, it was costing me more, so changing brands will help me to keep the amazing service you want at good value. I'm not saying they will stay the same, as an adjustment will come into effect on 1st Nov, but I will try my best .

So, Yellow. No panic, its not the colour, its the brand. They are owned by Alfaparf which is a big Italian cosmetic company. I tried several different ones and these came out top. I've had great results so far with colour, grey coverage, highlighting. These colours still contain a lot of plant extracts and less harmful chemicals. I love that they have additives to customise the colour, adding bond builders to repair damaged hair, or crystals to re-mineralise the hair adding to its strength and shine. I'll do a few posts on Facebook and Instagram going in to more detail about the ingredients. If you've not had a skin test yet do pop in it only takes minutes. The one skin test will be valid for a year unless you want to change colour in which case we can retest.

The next new company to introduce is Keracoffee, a new keratin straightening system which has the added bonus of NOT having to be left down and unwashed for 3 days. As the name suggests it has coffee extracts in it. It works slightly differently to Cocochocco in that it penetrates in to the hair shaft, rebuilding ang repairing the keratin inside, lining up the disulphide bonds to give a straighter smoother finish, which lasts an incredible 4 to 5 months!!! Silky hair for that long gotta be worth it. So with party season coming up for some of us, or fluffy hair season for those of us who have hair reactive to humidity, book yourself in for a Keracoffee treatment.

Talking of the season, I will have some goodies for sale to help you with your Christmas shopping, but if there is anything specific you are looking for, let me know. (Yes i Know its only October and I slipped in the C word, but its only one or two appointments away!!)

On that note, I'm signing off until next time, Love and hugs, Nikki x

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