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Covid 19 policies

  • I will restrict the number of clients in my salon to just  one or two at the same time.

  • I will be cleaning in between clients so I will try to leave a few minutes gap in order to do so. I have passed qualifications for Covid-19 infection control in order to know what works and what I can use to make sure your safety and mine are covered to every extent.

  • I will wear a mask if requested, will use a clean gown and towel after each client. 

  • Upon entering the salon, please proceed straight to the bathroom and wash your hands or make use of the hand sanitiser available.

  • Please contact me in the event you feel unwell or you think you have been exposed to COVID- 19 or tested positive so we can rearrange your appointment. I will do you the same courtesy. 

  • Thankyou for reading.

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