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Keratin Treatments - here's the lowdown on my available services.

I've recently had a few questions about the keratin services i offer, so here's the info you need to know:

I offer two different treatments, Keracoffee and Cocochoco. They both are good, and give beautiful frizz free silky results. They both do not contain formaldehyde and both are vegan friendly. They both reduce volume and both help save you time on styling your hair.

But, there are a few differences.



From Brazil

From Israel

contains coffee beans, lentils and soya

contains cocoa butter

can colour the same appointment

cannot colour 2 weeks either side

4 to 5 months frizz free

3 to 6 months frizz free

can wash immediately (i do as part of the service)

Have to leave down, straight and dry for 3 days, no washing, to settle

heat reactivates it at 200c (without heat 40% active) but you can just rough dry it

doesn't need heat

realigns the bonds inside the cortex

repairs and laminates the cuticle

reduce volume by 30 to 40 %

SLS and paraben free

smooth silky soft shiny frizz free, protects from humidity

healthy shiny smooth conditioned straighter and frizz free

They both gradually wash out over time, so obviously if you wash your hair a lot, it will wash out quicker. I recommend using a good quality keratin shampoo, mask and conditioner, I particularly like the Liss range from Yellow Professional. This is the company I use for my colouring services, Very good quality concentrated products in bigger bottles with a great price point. Lots of plant based ingredients which care for your hair and are kind to the planet. The Liss range contains Keratin-HT complex which gives body and repairs the hair, and amaranth oil which is anti frizz and anti humidity. Also aloe,sunflower seed oil and rosemary extract. It works really well on natural hair but is fantastic for keratin treated hair, keeping it smoother for longer.

I hope this has answered a few of your questions, please ask if you have more.

Nikki x

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