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Spring Is In The Hair!

Hello my lovelies!

This April am celebrating curly wavy or textured hair. An amazing 75% of people have some sort of a kink in their hair. I have recently completed my curly cutting training in Swindon, and can launch some new services for you guys. Read on for new info, and later new colour techniques...

Curly Hair Pamper Package.

Curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair because of the curly texture, the natural oils from your scalp cannot slide round the bends as easily, and the cuticle scales are slightly open allowing moisture to escape, so you need to replenish it to get that gorgeous shine and healthy looking hair. This is great for your first curly hair service, I can show you how to care for your hair and apply products to get the best results. First of all I will cut it. You need to wash your hair and allow it to dry naturally without products on so I can see where the curls sit in relation to each other. I will cut using a curl by curl method , adding in layers if needed to rebalance the shape so you don't look like an A!! I should note here if you sometimes straighten your hair, this isn't the cut for you.

Then across to the basin for a scalp scrub and a hydration bath.This cleanses your hair and replenishes the moisture. I add curl oil and essential oils to tailor the bath to you. Then a mask if your hair requires it. I will add the styling products at the basin while your hair is soaking wet, talking you through the process as we go. Then back to the chair to dry, after forming the curls.

Less is more when diffusing curls, lower speed and reduce the temperature. This stops a lot of frizzing. Then a last check for shape and any stray curls. I will be using Yellow Professional curl range to care for your hair. There is no obligation to buy from me but obviously I'd love you to! I will pop your recommendations on a card for you.

Curly Cut.

If you don't want to go for the full package you can book just the curl by curl cut part, ideal if you are short on time or just need a light trim. As before wash your hair before and leave it to dry naturally without styling products.

Pintura Highlights.

These highlights were created for curly hair. They take ribbons of colour through the curls, picking out individual curls to prevent the colour blending through and losing definition. If you want something softer you might like to try braided balayage, a softer way of adding a sunkissed effect to your hair.

As always I use Yellow Professional colour and products to look after your hair and make every day your best hair day. Any questions or to book in, please do give me a ring or drop me a message.

Thanks for reading, Nikki x

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