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Allergy Alert Testing

New year and I'm up to something. But when am I not? I am changing my skin testing policy slightly to be in line with my latest insurance guidelines. I can hear you rolling your eyes, But it is important that I keep on top of these things to protect both of us.

I will be retesting everyone as you visit, and if you require a change of colour I may need to retest you. I will be asking a few questions relating to colour reactions when I see you and noting it down on a record sheet individual to you. This makes sure you are covered and I know about anything which may have influence over your skin's reaction to colour.

Another change in the salon, more of a physical one, is a coffee station (whoop) where its all in one place and you are welcome to help yourself if you want a refill while your chemical service is processing.

If you have any questions or suggestions or requests, pop in for a chat, ring me or send me a message xx Nikki

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