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Scalp Care.

Scalp care is a really big thing just now. You are not just attending to your hair you are dealing with the scalp too when you wash your hair. This post will give you a few tips for a healthy happy head.

  1. Washing frequency.

  2. If you are washing your hair daily, it may feel dry and so may your scalp. Shampooing daily strips the natural oils from your hair and scalp, which dries it all out, just whacking on conditioner after may not be enough. Stripping the oil may actually stimulate the sebum glands on the scalp to produce more oil, making your roots greasy. So then you have greasy roots and dry fluffy ends, sound attractive? Nope! Try switching to every other day see if that helps. Most of us don't go out and get dirty dirty every day, so so don't need washing daily. If you really can't bear not to wash, try a cowash . This is using a light conditioner in place of the shampoo, apply it like you would shampoo - into your roots and scrub scrub scrub, til your arms start to ache. This loosens any dead skin cells, and removes dirt, stimulates the scalp which in turn increases blood flow to the roots. Give it a good rinse and follow up with a good conditioner or mask as needed. This method can encourage natural movement, so you might find some natural curl as a bonus!

2. Greasy scalp,

The glands in the scalp which produce sebum are working to keep your hair and scalp moisturised and protected. As mentioned above, stripping it all off can cause an overproduction when they go into overdrive to catch up, causing an imbalance in the scalp. It can also be genetic, hormone related, or product related. This can lead to itchy scalp and dandruff and your hair gets dull and limp.

Using cooler water can help calm your scalp, hot water can stimulate oil production. Making sure products are rinsed really well . Apply shampoo to the roots and conditioner or mask to the ends. The roots are conditioned more with your natural oils, the mids and ends may not be so much so put the conditioner on these bits, They are older hair the nearer to the ends you are getting, so need more help to keep them healthy and strong.

Using dry shampoo helps to absorb the oil too, stopping it looking greasier as quickly. If you haven't got dry shampoo try a touch of baby powder or cornstarch. Try applying it to clean hair, to absorb the oil as it appears, stay one step ahead.

3. Product knowledge.

Many of the cheap brands available of the shelf in supermarkets etc are just that. Cheap. Most of the contents is probably water and fillers and quick fix ingredients which start off ok then build up in your hair, leaving a film on the hair shaft which doesn't wash off, and looks greasy, and leaving a residue on the scalp, making it itchy and flaky. The bad news is it prevents products helping the skin and hair, like a barrier. This can push your natural oils off balance and cause irritation. A clarifying shampoo may help but be wary of stripping it too much. Instead use a good quality product recommended by your hairdresser. Buy cheap buy twice! Salon products are concentrated not filled with bulking agents so you don't need as much each time you use them, a 10p piece sized puddle in your palm is enough. Rub in through your hands and smooth through your hair to distribute. Then agitate or comb through depending what you are using! A scalp scrub can help to renew your scalp and get rid of the flaky bits. Get a scalp brush, add shampoo to your roots and rub the brush in little circles, massaging in the shampoo. You won't need this every time, You can make a natural scrub with a little sugar in some conditioner or oil too.

Itchy scalp can be caused by many things, if the problem persists it may be a condition such as eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, or dermatitis which you may need to get diagnosed by your GP to be able to treat it appropriately.

If you would like advice on which products to use, please do ask, I'm here to help you choose. I do have a scalp range which covers pretty much everything, from oily to sensitive, but of course there is no obligation to buy, but I do highly recommend them.

See you soon, Nikki

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