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You and Your Hair.

Some people love to have their hair done. Whether it is for a wedding and you choose something intricate, a bouncy blow dry for a lunch date, or just a tidy up we love it. If your hair looks good it makes you feel good.

I know you shouldn't care what people think, but you sometimes do. For the last few years working in a salon, before I had Kaiden, I loved my job, but working in a salon you have to present a certain image. Hairdresser hair, nice clothes, and makeup on. I wasn't allowed to have curly hair, had to look the part.

Some salons you are only allowed to do certain hair styles, their 'brand' , signature looks. Which is great if you want that, but a disaster if you don't. It doesn't matter if it suits you or not, they do that cut. You can go from one to another in any town and get the same cut. But is this fair? Hairdressing is a very creative profession. If you have to follow a set pattern are you doing yourself justice? If you go to a salon and have that set pattern is that fair?

Each person is different, their looks, their lifestyle, their hair colour, length, texture. How long do you have to spend on your hair? How do you wear it for work? Or for play? Tie it up? All these things are important to each individual head of hair, each person is different. A one size fits all approach just doesn't work for me.

I like to know how you want your hair. I want to know how much you want cut off. I'm not going to go in and chop a load off if you haven't asked for it, because your hair is important to you, which makes it important to me. How many people have had a haircut which wasn't what they wanted? I have had ladies in tears when their beautiful locks have been cut much shorter than requested (in another salon). When a trim turns into a restyle.... its traumatic. It may need more cut off and I will always advise you on what it needs, and agree with you what comes off before the scissors come near your hair. If you are not 100% sure you want it cut short, I don't cut it short. I want you to be happy. I want your hair to be healthy. My Granny once showed me her school photo, maybe 1920's or 30s, and asked me to pick her out. I couldn't, because her dad had her hair cut short, she looked like a boy. Here we were 60 or 70 years later, and she could still remember how it made her feel. My solid, sensible, pragmatic grandmother, was still affected by it to some extent a lifetime later. That is a lot of power you hold in your hands. To some people their hair is their security blanket. Their pride and joy, their identity. It's humbling to be trusted with something that important. Have you ever had a bad experience?

Bridal hair is the same, a bride wants to look perfect for their special day. I put a lot of preparation into wedding hair. I do a general consultation, going through different ideas, pictures, take into account neckline of the dress, what she wants in her hair, flowers, jewels, tiara, if its a veil how long is it, does she want it over her face or just behind, high on the head or low down. Every little thing adds to building a picture of what she wants. I make notes, then we try out a few styles, see what suits - what looks good. Then once we have chosen something, we do a trial run to see how well it lasts, whether brides are still happy with their choices, and how long it takes to do, so I know how much time is needed. I recommend a trim beforehand so ends are neat. Preparation makes things run smoothly on the day.

All I want is for your hair to make you feel confident, make you happy.

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